A downloadable game for Android

The goats has been always the principal sacrifice animal in rituals, now is the time for revenge! Be the goat that sacrifice humans to revive his fellows. This game takes the idea of crosing road and changes it by making you see through the eyes of the goat. If you put your head down, the goat will move and attack. If you rise your head up, the goat will stop moving. Kill a lot of humans to obtain their blood for your secret rituals, but watch out for the cars, you are still a goat after all.


Programmers: Edgar Bernal, Miguel Gimenez, Alejandro Monascal, Luis Pulido

Artists: Luis Pulido, Homero Hernandez

Sound: Miguel Hernandez

Install instructions

1. You need an android device with unknown sources setting allowed (You can find this setting inside the Security Settings).

2. Download the apk in your andoird device.

3. Find the apk of the game in your device and install it.

4. Open the game in your device.

Note. It is recommended but not neccesary a Google Cardboard.


GoatyRoadsVR.zip 12 MB